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Get ready to join the most innovative and visionary leaders in the life science industry for the highly anticipated Fierce Leaders in Life Sciences Forum. This FREE virtual event is the perfect platform for C-suite and executive leadership to showcase their perspectives on the evolving healthcare landscape. We focus on the end-to-end drug development process, with an emphasis on cutting-edge and disruptive approaches to conducting research and bringing new therapies to market.

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2023 Featured Sessions

The Future of Healthcare: Advancing Precision Medicine from the Lab to the Patient

Precision medicine tailors treatments to individual patients based on unique factors, revolutionizing healthcare, while technology innovations play a key role in delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. However, researchers still face challenges in improving access, addressing disparities, and ensuring privacy.

Prioritizing Diversity in Clinical Trials for Innovation, Economics and Equity

Explore barriers to diversifying clinical trials and the economic impact for biotech, large pharma, and society. Learn about initiatives like the FDA's draft guidance requirement for diversity plans and economic incentives to accelerate diversity, address health inequities, and promote faster progress.

Reimagining the Commercial Model to Meet the Speed of Scientific Innovation

Explore the challenge of delivering scientific progress to healthcare providers and patients amidst accelerating advancements. Learn how demand for advanced therapies and personalized medicine drives the need for agile commercialization and how companies navigate reimbursement for advanced therapeutics.

Top Reasons to Attend

Gain Industry Updates

Hear from biotech and big pharma executives on emerging trends and market dynamics.

Improve Collaboration

Hear best practices on connecting R&D and clinical teams to the commercials teams to develop an appropriate timeline and practice approach to bring a new product to launch.

Build Cohesive Strategy

Understand how to develop a cohesive brand launch strategy with marketing communication that is effective and tailored to the needs of the regional associates.

Stay Ahead

Learn how best to utilize competitive intelligence and market research throughout the launch process to validate ideas and identify potential for greater success.


Connect with senior leadership in the life sciences industry to gain insights and share best practices on daily challenges faced.


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Solidify existing relationships with clients and build strong connections with new decision-makers.